Feb. 2021 Family Rental & Programs Update


Thanks again to all that have helped keep the ice in the MSC with the ongoing Family Rentals.

MAHA and MUHS practices began in January and are ongoing at the MSC. Hopefully MUHS games will start soon. Adult groups and other gatherings such as public skating remain prohibited, so we will continue the Family Rental campaign into February to continue to open up skating opportunities beyond youth and HS hockey.

·         February Family Rental slots will be primarily available during the weekdays before MUHS and MAHA practices and potentially afterwards. On weekends, early morning slots and late afternoon/evening slots will be available.

·         All February available slots will be listed on the MSC calendar as “OPEN Family Rental” until they are reserved.

·         Reservation requests for the period from 2/1 through 2/28 will be accepted at manager@memorialsportscenter.org starting this Thursday 1/28 at 5PM. All email requests will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Any requests made prior to that exact time will not be processed.

·         There will continue to be a minimum of 30-minute gap between rentals. When MUHS games begin, a longer gap will be maintained in order to allow travelling teams time to arrive and prepare.

·         If the Governor’s orders are rescinded or adjusted prior to 2/28, any Family Rental reservations conflicting with regularly scheduled youth hockey, MUHS, adult group and public skating slots will be canceled and affected families will be notified via email.

·         Skate sharpening is available:
Mondays 4:30-8:00pm – available for walk in/while you wait sharpening
Fridays 4:30-8:00pm – available for walk in/while you wait sharpening

Regular MSC pandemic rules apply to anyone entering the MSC to have skates sharpened. If you enter the MSC, please limit your access to the area from the main door to the skate sharpening room. You must wear a mask and complete the tracing form on the clipboard in the skate rental room. You must minimize the amount of time of your presence and leave the facility when the sharpening is complete. Skate sharpening is $5 and cash, check and cards are accepted in the skate room.

Michael McAuliffe