Memorial Sports Center’s generous sponsors ensure that we can continue to provide service to the Middlebury and surrounding communities. Individuals, corporations, and service groups support our goals to provide a community-serving facility through a variety of programs and activities. With their financial support and large numbers of volunteers, these groups are true role models for our youth and deserve a special thanks.


Friends of Middlebury Hockey is now setup on smile.amazon.com. If you do your Amazon shopping through smile.amazon.com and choose to support “Friends of Middlebury Hockey Inc”, our community will receive a donation from Amazon with each of your purchases with no cost to you. If you aren’t already supporting a non-profit in this way, please consider it!

Banner Sponsorships are necessary to provide annual revenue that keeps our rental rates affordable. All revenue to date and for the next 20 years will go towards improvement loans for the building, resulting in lower rental rates. The Banner program is managed by the Memorial Sports Center Commission. Contact Bill Ford for details at wfpi@sover.net.

List of banner sponsors