Subscribe to a calendar

Use the links below to add one of Memorial Sports Center’s activity calendars to your personal or work calendar.

To subscribe via your Microsoft Outlook account

  1. Click on an iCal link below
  2. The file will save to your device. When prompted, click Open. The iCalendar will appear in your Outlook Calendar under ‘Other Calendars’.

iCal links

Youth Hockey

Adult Hockey

Available to rent


Public Skating & Stick and Puck


To subscribe via your Google Calendar account

  1. In Google Calendar, click the plus sign beside the “Other calendars” section in the left side. The option you’re looking for is “Subscribe to Calendar.”
  2. Click “Subscribe to Calendar”, enter the calendar URL, and then press return.
  3. Give the calendar a name of your choice and update any other settings based on your preference.
  4. The new calendar will show up in the list under “Other Calendars,” and events should show up right away.

Google Calendar URLs

Youth Hockey URL:

Adult Hockey URL:

Available to rent URL:

Tournaments URL:

Public Skating & Stick and Puck URL:

Resurfacing URL: