Did you know that ice rental rates at Memorial Sports Center are among the lowest in the state? One of the reasons we can keep costs low for our adult, MAHA, and MUHS programs is our outstanding crew of volunteer Zamboni drivers. And now we’re looking for a new drivers to share in the glory of Zamboni driving and ice making.

Mike Turner is stepping away from his regular role as Zamboni coordinator. Mucho thanks to Mike for the many, many years of dedicated service. He will however continue to help from time to time with Z maintenance and driver training.

We hope to have single drivers assigned to an individual weekday evening icings on a regular basis. Weekday icings start about 5pm and may go to 8:45ish or earlier depending on the night. The Z driver/ref room is warm, has lots of TV channels, a microwave and fridge and good WiFi for time between icings. Weekends are usually very fluid due to each individual’s weekend commitments and demands.

Please send an email to manager@memorialsportscenter.org if interested.