On Town Meeting Day 2019, support Friends of Middlebury Hockey’s request to complete the fund-raising for Memorial Sports Center’s “Heat It Up” campaign. We’re asking the town to approve Friends of Middlebury Hockey taking out a loan with National Bank of Middlebury. The loan would allow Friends of Middlebury Hockey to conclude the fund-raising campaign that has already raised over $270,000 for the completion of a heated 2nd floor viewing space that would offer public restrooms, an improved concession area, an elevator, and a meeting area for teams and community organizations.

The 2019 Town Meeting will be held at Middlebury Union High School on Monday, March 4th beginning at 7pm. Our request for approval of the loan will be Article 7 on the ballot. We’re asking the town to approve a loan of up to $100,000 to be drawn from National Bank of Middlebury for the completion of Memorial Sports Center, and for the extension of our current debt service by an additional 5 years. The vote is open to Middlebury residents and will be a voice vote. Information about the Town Meeting is available at http://www.townofmiddlebury.org/town_departments_services_staff/town_clerk_s_office/town_meetings_and_elections_information.php

Fact 1: We are not asking for any tax increases or public money. Friends of Middlebury Hockey will be taking a loan from National Bank of Middlebury and will be responsible for paying back the loan.

Fact 2: This will not result in any increased costs for use of Memorial Sports Center. We’ll also be restructuring our current debt to keep our fees the same.

Fact 3: We’ve successfully done this twice before! The first time in 2000 to put in the permanent ice making equipment at Memorial and the second time in 2008 to add the locker rooms w/ showers.